Pre-conference questions

The 2020 pre-conference materials have been released. To maximize our time on Zoom, we are asking that any questions related to information released be sent through this form prior to the virtual session on September 26. Submitted questions will be given priority during our limited online time. Questions may only be submitted by voting clergy and lay members. 

*First Name
*Last Name
*I am a:
Clergy member to annual conference
Lay member to annual conference
*Church/Charge Name
*After thoroughly reading the pre-conference materials, I have the following question related to:

Should you have more than one question, please submit a form for each question. 

A correction in the 2020 Book of Reports
The nominations report
The proposed 2021 budget
Who may vote at annual conference
The board of pension and health report
The board of ordained ministry report
The equitable compensation report
The report of the cabinet
*My question is:

Please be as specific as possible, including pertinent page numbers. 

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